Monday, April 9, 2012

Spicy Weekend

What a wonderful weekend: perfect weather, long weekend, and lots of food!


We went to Ikea to return an item and on our way back, we were indecisive of what to have for lunch. Initially, we would like to eat Indian buffet but changed our mind because we had some decent size breakfast and were not ready for a buffet, let alone Indian food with lots of rice and flour.

We passed by a Thai restaurant and were toying the idea of eating there since our regular Thai restaurant, Thai House at Metrotown, has closed down indefinitely.

We passed by another restaurant, this time it's a Mexican restaurant. We were thinking of having Mexican as well since it has been a while since the last time we had a proper Mexican food aside the street tacos we got from La Taqueria.

Due to the unappealing exterior appearance of the restaurant, we drove away for a few minutes before I turned back and gave it a try.

Apparently they were having their 13th anniversary (or so the sign said).

Feels like in Mexico: colorful and bright
We had our doubts when we were inside because we were the first diners and it took a while for them to prepare the food. But hey, they say not to judge the book by its cover right?

Wife ordered Chimichanga. She was expecting the Chimichanga to have some sort of sauce.

Beef Burrito
I got the usual Burrito with mild sauce. I should have gotten the extra spicy instead of the mild. Mild doesn't taste spicy enough.

We. Love. The. Refried. Beans. It was so darn good!

Little did we know, this place has a lot of rave reviews even though it was empty when we came there.


We learned that the restaurant really served traditional and original Mexican food. Not the one that has been "adapted" to the local tongue.

Las Margaritas on 4th Ave is our regular Mexican restaurant but unfortunately it is a wee bit too far from our house so we are very grateful that we stumbled upon Ole Ole very close from our place.

Easter Sunday

We started Sunday with a trip to the House of the Man Above and it was jam packed. So packed that they have to open another big room to contain the overflow of people.

After the sermon, we decided to grab our lunch.

We've been blessed. The above sign is absolutely a divine intervention. It makes our life easier when it comes to parking lot: there's always some empty spots close to the entrance.

Nando for lunch to continue the theme of spicy weekend.

We happened to have a coupon for this particular combo: full chicken and 2 side dishes for $18.99 (excl. tax). We requested half of the chicken to be hot (left) and the other half mild (right).

So yummy, we haven't had Nando's for at least 5 years. It's about time!


We haven't bought snacks for a while so we decided to stock up some for the long weekend.

Without us noticing (we did the grocery first before eating out), some of the snacks we bought were hot/spciy.

Both snacks taste a little bit similar.

Sunburst is wife's favorite. Once in a while wouldn't hurt :)

Shrimp Cracker was on sale, $0.79, haven't had this since ages.

I noticed that Quaker is expanding to snacks as well. We decided to give it a try.

Speaking of Takoyaki, the annual Richmond Night Market is about to open soon.

Last but not least, Pringles with less Salt :).

Happy Easter!

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