Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Nitobe Memorial Garden, Cherry Blossom, and Las Margaritas

We went to UBC last Saturday for some errands.

UBC Logo
The weather was a little bit gloomy when we arrived but improved vastly as the day went by.

Nitobe Memorial Garden

Nitobe Garden just opened a few minutes after we arrived and since we had not been there for a long time, we decided to venture in.

Nitobe Memorial Garden entrance
The entrance fee is $6 for adult, all-day and free for UBC students. Sadly, we are no longer scrappy poor students with the "golden" student card roaming free using the university facilities as we pleased.

Nitobe Garden wall
Nitobe is a great place to walk-around especially between classes when you've got nothing else to do and the library is over capacity.

The first exhibit right off the bat from the entrance gate is a Japanese-style house.

There seems to be a strong relationship between UBC and the westcoast Japanese-Canadians.

Alas, we couldn't explore the house any further.

Maybe there's nothing inside?

This small waterfall lead to a big fish pond nearby.

There were stepping stones to go across the shallow stream.

The stream passes under a small bridge ahead, near the bigger Japanese stone pagoda.

The weather continue to improve, creating a stunning view.

Center of Garden.
The big fish pond occupies the center of the garden where a small hut with a wooden bridge lies nearby.

Koi Fish
We saw a big, fat Koi fish. Probably as big as my calf.

Back in the days...
The trip to Nitobe brought back the memory of our days being UBC students. For whatever reason, I feel strongly toward UBC than wife. I love coming back here and occasionally "abuse" my alumni status to borrow awesome books.

Cherry Blossoms

We came to UBC at the right time, we saw plenty of cherry blossoms.

Awesome Weather
Cherry Blossoms
More Cherry Blossoms
... and more
That is the best cherry blossoms covered sidewalk I've ever seen so far this year.

Suddenly, we had to leave UBC since our tummies were grumbling and the little one seemed a little bit antsy, signalling mommy to eat lunch ASAP.

Complicated Parking Payment machine
On our way out, we had to face a very complex parking payment machine. Luckily, we were out in a matter of seconds, not minutes.

Las Margaritas

Last week we had Mexican for lunch. This week, due to the proximity and the urgency, we opted for another Mexican at our regular Mexican restaurant: Las Margaritas.

Las Margaritas has been our go-to Mexican restaurant for a few years due to its location somewhere around Kitsilano, 4th Avenue, and somewhere in our route between UBC and home.

The interior design of Las Margaritas is quite entertaining.

Tortilla Chips and Salsa
Wife likes the chips and the salsa. They do make a good salsa.

Virgin Margarita
Virgin Margarita, Strawberry mixed with Lime is my all-time favorite. I always and must order this. I secretly wish I knew their recipe to make my own at home. Time to devise a plan to get it from their kitchen.

Deluxe Quesadilla
My order this time around is the Deluxe Quesadilla with grilled Chicken breast. It came with delicious black beans and salad.

Beef Burrito
Wife decided to had her revenge since she didn't get what she wanted last week. Beef Burrito with sauce all over seems to be a great choice after a long walk at UBC in a nice sunny day.

As always, Las Margaritas delivered and we're pleased. Once the bill had been paid, we went home and spent the rest of the day to rest.

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