Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A Cake, a Bread, and a Fiery Dim Sum Manager

Central Station

Had a chance to snap a picture of Central Station when it was not too busy.

We may go back and explore the inside of the building in the future. 

Bread and Cake

Wife is on the roll for 2 weeks straight making bread and cake from leftover.

Banana Bread with Chocolate Bits
She made Banana Bread last week from very ripe bananas.

Somehow we managed to have a break from hunting baby needs thus able to set aside some time.

The next on the menu was Steamed Marble Cake that we made yesterday.

 Helping wife is a blessing in disguise. I find these activities as a stress reliever and I also picked up basic kitchen skills as well.

Steaming the Marble Cake
It was a little bit challenging to scoop out the cake out of the bundt pan despite the extra oil to make it not too sticky

We had to make a small wedge cut and separate the cake into two big portions.

All is well, we have our snacks despite our hard work (by our, I mean my wife's hard work... isn't that right?).

Dim Sum at Po King Restaurant

Wife also had a sudden craving for Dim Sum after church yesterday. Driving around Metrotown to try out new places yielded unsuccessful result, we decided to go to our usual hangout place: Po King Seafood restaurant, which is located right next to Denny's. (Have to admit that we're lucky to live very close to these two restaurants as we can have multi-cultural choices for our breakfast).

Our all-time favorite is the giant Har Gows (Shrimp Dumpling).

Har Gow (Shrimp Dumpling)
Our next all-time favorite is the Chang Fen (Shrimp as well).

Chang Fen
Eating in this particular Dim-Sum restaurant can be a surprising experience for North Americans because in this place, you don't wait to be served: if you want a spoon or an extra napkin or chopsticks, you have to walk to the counter and help yourself. 

Perhaps one of the reasons is because the waitresses are too busy pushing the Dim-Sum carts around and nobody is around to help except the floor manager, who happen to be busy dealing with the table and reservations.

Speaking of the floor manager, check out this funny review from Yelp:

There is a very fiery Dim Sum manager running the place and she yells very loud with lots of passions while holding a wireless phone (a very common scene in the 90's Hong Kong movies) to schedule reservations. Watching her in action made us had to hold our laugh and to continue chewing the shrimp in our mouth at the same time.

Sometimes, if the place is jam packed, you might be asked if you'd like to share the table with another parties or wait for a long time. We learned that this may not be uncommon practice.While others may be offended, we find all of these to be entertaining.

In case people don't get the reviewer's humor, check out the following video: http://youtu.be/uVqBzP0xdKk

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