Friday, February 24, 2012

Travelling: From Departures To Descending

As previously mentioned, we're big fans of "Departures", a travel show that was on TV between mid-2008 to mid-2010 for about 3 seasons before the crews called it "done".

The pilot, titled "Ocean to Ocean", started with the trio road trip from the east of Canada and ended on the west of Canada (Vancouver).  The last destination was Australia, right after visiting Bali, Indonesia.

Take a look the videos below to have a taste of what these guys had to offer:

They were also the few people who had a chance to visit and to document (to some extend due to the country's policies) the mysterious North Korea:

We both learned a lot from watching these guys travel around the world.

There are a few reasons why the show has made us big fans:
  • Soundtrack: superb, majestic, emotional (we bought all 3 albums)
  • Hosts: entertaining, down to earth
  • Shots Andre is probably one of the best cinematographer in Canada (he won a Gemini Award)
  • Locations: Antartica, Mongolia, North Korea, Ascencion Island, Jordan, Amazon river, Chile, Cuba, and lots more!
Have I mentioned that the combination of Andre cinematography skill and the music are mind blowing?

I don't think we had seen a travel show that explored the untouched and off the beaten path as far as possible and took absolutely stunning pictures (moving or not) the way these guys did.

(All pictures below belong to Departures Entertainment 2 Inc).

New Zealand
Some of the episodes are available online at CityTV website (

Even though the show had ended in 2010, OLN has kindly re-run the episodes from Season 1 to Season 3 every morning at 7AM PST. We watch the re-runs whenever we have time before we embark to our office in the morning.

Fortunately, Scott and Andre decided to continue their passion in travelling and producing documentaries. They have been working very hard in 2011 to travel around the globe and to explore the "other 70%" that have yet to be explored by them.

Enter "Descending". A new travel show that covers under the sea exploration (via diving, not submarine).

They also got a new travel (dive) buddy, a kiwi by the name of Ellis (also appeared in one of the "Departures" season 3 episodes when the crews traveled to New Zealand).

We are very excited to see them again.

Descending airs every Sunday at 6PM PST on OLN and I don't think it is available anywhere outside Canada yet but the crews have been working hard to make it available worldwide so stay tuned!.

We watched the first episode last Sunday and were elated to see them again! The first episode was a little bit "slow" for us since it began with a few introductions of the new crews, the dive buddy, and a few "tutorials" about diving that ate a portion of the show. Having said that, they managed to dive a few times and showed the audiences the view through Andre's eyes.

Overall we're quite satisfied as it was clear that the crews were very passionate at what they do and it showed from the quality of the show.

OLN has kindly provides re-run of the previous episode on the following Saturday, 5PM PST.

2012 just gets better with Descending.


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