Monday, February 20, 2012

Injured Weekend

Had a knee injury last week that slowed down our mobility over the weekend. We did the grocery later than usual and did not do much over the weekend other than enjoying our time at home.

We had sushi for lunch but not front a restaurant, instead from T & T Supermarket. I think T & T Supermarket nailed another business model: a supermarket that provides ready-made food as well. We don't know if they use leftover items from their shelves do we? (^_^). This reminds me of a post from 37Signals: Sell your by-products.

Last week was a special week and we didn't have time to celebrate until the end of the week thus we decided to buy a few goodies.

Wife wanted mochi cakes so wife should have them.

Those mochi cakes were meticulously packaged that it took us a while to decide whether we should keep it or eat it at the moment.

We also bought two Korean Onigiri: Unagi and Spicy Beef for Sunday breakfast since we need something fast and efficient to fill our stomach before embarking on our usual Sunday morning destination.

Wife decided to make the Sweet Martabak as we have been craving for it and could not wait for supply from back home.

Hidden Cheese and Crouching Chocolate Sprinkles is the nickname of this thing.

It's rather unhealthy due to the large amount of cheese, margarine, and chocolate sprinkles but once in a blue moon wouldn't hurt. I think this Sweet Martabak somehow healed my inflamed knee.

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