Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Coconut Sunday

Last Sunday we had a coconut party almost all day long until.... well until we did not want to be anywhere near a coconut any more (seriously).

Once we finished our morning tasks, thanking the Man for the blessings and another (failed) Ikea trip for a special person, we headed up to 508 Social Bistro. We chose this place because we were in the mood for some Taiwanese food.

508 Social Bistro used to be Chill Restaurant & Lounge, but was closed for a period of time and re-opened with a new name. The interior design and everything else stayed the same while the menu had changed a bit.
Curry Udon
Wife ordered Curry Udon since she was craving for it for some reason. Unfortunately the Curry Udon was bland that day and it wasn't presented as nice as it used to be. The Curry Udon was prepared using a thick sauce instead of the soupy version.

The best Curry Udon we had before was when we were at CKS Taipei International Airport for a layover. There's a cafeteria (forgot where exactly is) that makes the best Udon Curry soup: hot and spicy!

Taiwanese Chicken Nuggets
Deep-Fried Calamari
I chose two items: Taiwanese Chicken Nuggets and Deep-Fried Calamari. Alas, they both were also a bit bland compared to the usual. Normally, Taiwanese Chicken Nuggets are spicy, peppery, and aromatic due to the five spice powder used.

We were somewhat disappointed with the decrease of quality of the restaurant. Somehow, it was not the first time things have changed not for the better.

Back in the Chill Restaurant & Lounge days, we loved their Taiwanese Beef Noodle

Taiwanese Beef Noodle
But one day they decided to change the soup base of the Taiwanese Beef Noodle from the original recipe to a mix of beef and tomato broth. Yes, tomato! Definitely not our favourite.

Beef Wraps
They used to have beef wraps (forgot the actual name of the dish) that we also enjoyed but is no longer part of the menu. It could also be that there were the only select few who enjoy it.

It is unfortunate that we enjoy less and less of what they can offer in each of our subsequent visit lately. We would love to support local businesses around our neighbourhood but somehow things just did not work out with this particular spot.

We headed home afterwards to take a break for a while before Wife's usual Sunday Cooking Dash session. I took some time to prepare the coconuts we bought on Saturday to be consumed before the NBA All-Star 2012 and Descending.

Left: Older, Right: Younger
Bought two coconuts, found out that one is older than the other one.

The older one was definitely more "rough" looking than the younger one.
Old Coconut with thick meat
The coconut flesh of the older one was also thicker and less enjoyable while the juice was a wee bit salty.
Young Coconut with firm and soft meat
The younger coconut had softer flesh and sweeter juice.
Right before Descending started.
In this episode, the crew dove to a few spots in New Zealand to explore a sunken cruise ship and the Poor Knight's Island marine reserve. I kept flip-flopping between Descending and the NBA All-Star.
Hainanese Chicken Rice
Wife made Hainanese Chicken Rice and fortunately I still had some Prosciutto left. Remember: always have Prosciutto ready in the fridge just in case and also when you put that Prosciutto on a plate, make sure it is the closest one to your mouth to avoid thieves.

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