Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Saturday at Ikea

We went to Ikea last Saturday to finalize our shopping for the special one.

There are 2 Ikeas in the lower mainland one in Richmond and the other in Coquitlam. We went to the Coquitlam location because the Ikea in Richmond is about to be relocated and they had a massive sales to reduce their supplies.

We went there just before lunch so we went directly to their restaurant.

I ordered a combo: Salad, Soda, and 10 pieces of Meatballs with mash potato and gravy.
Meatballs, mashed potato, Lingonberry sauce and Gravy
Wife ordered Roasted Chicken and mashed potato (with gravy as well).

Once our tummies were filled, we wandered around the children section.

Miniature Kitchen
We saw miniature kitchen sink and workbench. Ikea seems to want to hook these kids to become craftsman as early as possible... and if that fails, a visit to Ikea followed by purchases of easy-to-assemble household items would be the next logical step.

Miniature Workbench
We're still undecided whether we want to decorate the special one's room with colorful lights or not.

Stars would be a better choice?
Definitely cars. Non-negotiable, done-deal. Little one must play with cars. Wife told me that the little one couldn't stay still. Perhaps little one had eyes set on this toy?

We were looking for storage boxes to put under the changing table. We ended up buying the plastic type as the ones above were too soft and might break down easily.

Ikea's own Baby!
We bought a mattress but decided to return it back in favor of another one from Sears. Ikea's mattresses are less firm compare to Sears'.

As usual, we did our grocery before everything else and we bought a few snacks.

One of our favorite snacks was on sale. So tempting, so delicious, and not so expensive. Must buy.

Cheetos from our hometown
We also found this snack slipped somewhere in our Snack storage space. We almost forgot we bought it a few weeks ago. It is a type of Cheetos, Grilled Chicken flavor, from our hometown.

Marie Regal Biscuits
Marie Regal biscuits is my all-time favorite since I was a toddler. My mother used to tell me a story that one time when I was a wee little kid, I would not take my eyes away from those biscuits every single time we went to a supermarket. She would hide to "scare" me a little bit ("where's mommy!") and I wouldn't even budge or noticed she wasn't around. Perhaps the packaging attracts children than Fisher Price toys.

Got our dinner from Curry King Cafe. We're not sure if they're affiliated with Curry King Express in Crystal Mall food court or not but our guess they're not.

Hainanese Chicken Rice
I ordered the Hainanese  Chicken Rice to compare with other restaurants around and was a little bit disappointed.

Scallop and Shrimp Fried Rice
Wife ordered Scallop and Shrimp Fried Rice. It was a lot of rice. A lot of rice. A lot... of rice.

We were very tired that day that we barely did anything, other than to take shower and to go to sleep, after the dinner.

What a day. The little one seemed happy that day as wife told me the level of activity was off the chart.

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