Sunday, March 25, 2012

Restaurant: Au Wing Kee

Had a quick lunch with wife last week in a restaurant near our place because I was craving for comfort food that known as Congee.
Big Fat Juicy Chicken
Au Wing Kee looks very old from the outside and dingy from the inside. The place also smells a bit but we are used to of these kinds of restaurants especially when they have a great speciality.

Wife ordered Beef Congee while I had the Chinese Mushroom and Chicken Congee. Pay attention at those oil/fat, it's darn delicious!
Chinese Mushroom
They prepare various congees ranging from plain until the extravagant. Both of ours are considered one level away from the plain and each of ours cost $4.50/bowl. I'd say it's a catch for a quick lunch!
Actual Serving
Vancouver has a few restaurants that prepare Congee of this type where it is almost pure soup and you can't feel the rice anymore. It is  different than the congee from our hometown in which it is focused on the condiments, such as: the Chinese doughnut, the fried onion, the green onion, a bit of chicken, and spicy hot sauce, and you can still taste the rice since the preparation is different.
Hometown Congee
We definitely will come back if we were in the mood for a bowl of Congee.

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