Thursday, February 9, 2012

Snack Attack

Had a big snack shopping a few days ago due to wife craving. Bought some of them from T & T Supermarket and the others from a mysterious place.

We were intrigued with this snack particularly due to the mix of almond, cheese, and some sort of rice cracker.
It's been a while since the last time I had a cola-taste candy/gum/sweet. Used to like this particular one but this time around the flavour seems to diminish a little bit.
Wife used to buy the spicy one but we opted for the original flavour this time. Speaking of Tao Kae Noi, recently I stumbled upon a movie based on the story of the founder of Tao Kae Noi's life. Title is "The Billionaire". Trailer below:

The CEO (owner) of Tao Kae Noi is about 26 years old (according to Google). Picture bellow:
Based on the movie trailer, looks like the young lad's family went bankrupt and forced him to become a survivor. From selling chestnut to open a snack business recognized internationally at a very young age, I have to give him much respect. He's a hustler! The movie seems to be a very good inspirational movie.

Anyhow, let's switch gear from T & T snacks to hometown snacks.
Grabbed 4 Silver Queens, 2 for each of us, we both were having sweet tooth! My first encounter with Silver Queen was when I was 2 years old. My great-grandmother (yep, she was alive for a few years after I was born) used to visit my grandmother's house and brought her great-grandchildren Silver Queens.
Wife decided to diversify our "tea" in-take so she opted for another flavour of tea from the same brand (Sosro). I didn't like this particular type so the more the better for her I suppose.
We both missed this Indonesian pancake called Martabak. We didn't know if we could make this one given the limitation of our kitchen but it's time to give it a try. We shall see soon perhaps.
My favourite! Oxtail Soup. Probably more of the soup than the Oxtail itself because it's a little bit of a struggle and messy to eat Oxtail. We probably will use brisket or shank instead.
Another favorite past-time snack: Tempeh. Me only, wife dislike.
Chocolate sprinkles used for bread (or ice cream, feel free to use your imagination for other usage). There are a few supermarkets in our neighbourhood that have sprinkles on their shelves but they're sugar based instead of chocolate. We love this one.
Childhood snack of ours. Addictive!. It's a wafer stick with a whirl of chocolate inside the wafer stick.
The left is a sweet cheese stick (weird concept but we both like it) and to the right is a typical wafer chocolate. The right is for wife only, I'm not terribly interested.
This particular fish crackers are made unusually different than the typical fish crackers. We believe it is baked? (need citation though).
Another fish crackers but this one were deep-fried.
Love this chocolate biscuit for afternoon snack during a short coding/hacking/learning session.
The left is called "Nastar" tart (pineapple tart) and to the right is known as "Snow White"balls. This particular "Nastar" doesn't taste nice to be honest, therefore, we have to call mothership to bring a supply for us the next time they come and visit us.

Let's switch another gear to the most important topic: instant noodles!

Ramen Rater top two instant noodles are of this particular brand. It is probably one of the most famous instant noodle brand in our neighbourhood.
Flavour: Hot/Spicy Fried Noodle
Flavour: Oxtail Soup
Flavour: Curry Beef Fried Noodle
Flavour: Special Chicken (Soup)
A few years ago, another brand of instant noodle in our hometown became popular out of nowhere (and almost overnight). We tried a few of the flavours and definitely it's a little bit more better when it comes to their soup flavours.

Flavour: Onion Chicken (Soup)
Phew! those snacks definitely put a hole on our wallet but then again we went to the mysterious place once every month or every two months to get items we can't find anywhere.


Anonymous said...

Heya - the Top Ten list just got a major overhaul - - By the way - I've NEVER seen some of those Indomie varieties before - any chance you might be up for donating some? They look fascinating!

- The Ramen Rater

Unknown said...

Hans, I'll see what I can do about your request. What do you have in mind?

Unknown said...

email me -

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