Tuesday, February 14, 2012

9 to 5 Weekend: Kettle Cafe Restaurant, Home Office Rearrangement

On Saturday we went out from early morning up until 5 PM. It felt like we were working during the weekend except we were not glued to the desk.

Started the Saturday like any other Saturday by doing groceries. This time we decided to go back to the healthy option: almost no snack on the list since we got them all last week. Having said that, I sneaked one up because it was on sale.

Wife also bought hers (somehow, I didn't notice until I emptied the grocery bags).

Hers is weird. Title said "Calorie Balance" but it contains a lot of fat (40%). Nice marketing package though (notice the "Save the Children" on the bottom left corner).

We went to two financial institutions to "diversify our portfolio" (says the business marketing guys) after ward. RRSP deadline is approaching and a few financial institutions gave a more aggressive rates so we tried to seize the opportunity. For example: BMO offers 2% rates for a 1 year RRSP, Scotia Bank offers 2% for both RRSP and TFSA (haven't checked the terms though). 

We normally are interested with short-term (1 year) and up to 3-years term deposits as well. We're not big on Mutual Funds or 5 years steppers as we would like the flexibility of getting the money in case we have to move away from Canada (not that we're planning to...).

Went lunch at Kettle Cafe once we wrapped up our business. We normally ordered noodle soups but we decided to do something different and got ourselves Hong Kong (or Taiwanese?) styled Pastas.

Wife ordered a spicy Pasta.

I ordered Ham-Chicken-And-Mushroom Pesto Sauce pasta.

The portion is humongous. Absolute monstrous. And as always, we didn't finish and had to take them home for dinner. Not bad, saved us some money too. Overall, we prefer their noodle soups. The pastas taste good, but not as good as their soups.

We went back home after lunch to take a short break and quickly noticed that OLN did a mini Departures marathon so we decided to watch one re-run episode. I really enjoy watching Departures since a few years ago. It is the best travel show I've ever watched so far.

Courtesy of Departures Entertainment Inc.
Once the episode came to an end, we had rest enough and ready to be on the move again to a few (secret) places after lunch to do a few (secret) things before we call it a day. (That's all I can say for the afternoon activities).

On Sunday, I had a big task to clean up the home office. Currently it looked like this:

Bookshelf contains often-read books (think of it like an L2 cache whereas another big bookshelves on the first floor is our RAM or something and the remaining books in the basement are stored in the hard-drive).

Noticed the cables beneath the desk? Not Pretty despite my attempts to make them not tangled up. 

From another angle
I didn't like the location of the printer as well, one must bow down and scan/print something. I decided that changes were coming.

First thing I did was to remove everything from the desk as I also wanted to remove The Simpsons poster as well since well, it darkened the desk's bright colour.

While we were at it, might as well cleaned up the glass top as well.

800lbs glass top

Ah... looks much brighter and cleaner isn't it?

Now let's do something about them cables.

Took out the All-In-One printer first.

Then the WiFi router.

I tried to move the table around the room to see if I could come up with a new location of the table. First target was the window front view.

The problem with this set up is the proximity with the wardrobe. 

Let's move it to another location.

How about beside the wardrobe? 

Still not suitable due to the location of the installed wall jacks. At this point I've given up and put it back to the original location.

At the moment, my goal was to de-clutter the previous set up and hopefully also be able to solve the cabling fiasco. To achieve this goal, I decided to put the items back to the desk in priority order: phone, monitor, keyboard, mouse, and workstation.

I toyed with the idea of putting the workstation behind the monitor rather than next to it. The advantage of this layout is to minimize the space used by the workstation. The downside is the need to move the monitor closer to me. 

With this layout, the printer will go back to the bottom since there is not a lot of space on the table.

Tried another layout by moving everything to the left corner and put the printer at the right corner. It feels a little bit odd since the monitor is no longer at the centre of the table, instead it is diagonal to the keyboard.

This set-up eliminates two problems I had previously:
  • Cables issue below the desk
  • The need to bow down to print
I moved the bookshelf to another corner of the room to give space next to the table. I'm still unsure if this is a more comfortable set-up for me but I'll try for a few weeks before making further changes. 

While I was busy with the home-office tweaks, wife cooked (Indonesian) Yellow Coconut Rice and Deep Fried Chicken for dinner.

We were longing for the Yellow Coconut Rice for a while and at last we can enjoy it peacefully :).

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