Thursday, January 19, 2012

Winter Office

I've been coming to the office very early lately due to the weather.

Yesterday, I decided to take a few pictures from the office, which is, luckily, located at the 7th floor somewhere in the middle of Downtown.

It was snowing and foggy that day thus the background is pretty much non-existent.

The proximity with the U.S.A Consulate General is entertaining due to the protests happening once in a while outside. Sometime I do have a little bit of concern of any physical hazard being located near them as well.

U.S.A Consulate General is next to Starbucks
My employer has had a few small celebrations at Marriott - Showcase restaurant across the street. It's nice to be able to talk to everybody in the office once in a while, catching up what they're doing.

Freezing Cold Weather
When there's no snow or fog, we can see North Vancouver and the mountain quite clear.

Let's hope for more pictures of the cauldron when activated (^_^).

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