Saturday, January 21, 2012

Hi Genki Japanese Restaurant

Hi Genki is a Japanese restaurant that only serves home cooked meal. That means no sushi or sashimi, instead you'll find various udon (beef, chicken, or seafood), chicken karaage, donburi, etc.

Hi Genki is owned and operated by Fujiya Sushi, a popular Sushi pickup place near my current office in Downtown. Colleagues and I frequently go to Fujiya to get lunches and snacks as they sell cheap (and good) foods.

Hi Genki is located on the ground floor of the Nikkei Home senior housing in Burnaby. Nikkei Home itself is a part of Nikkei Place, along with National Nikkei Museum & Heritage Center and Nikkei Sakura-So.

Nikkei Home
We've been coming here for a while since it is quite close to where we live.

It's cold and raining today so I opted for a warm beef udon.

Beef Udon
I was surprised to see a few bits and pieces of lemon in my soup, something new I suppose. The beef udon itself taste quite good. Not too salty, a little bit sweet (from the beef broth).

Wife ordered spicy chicken karaage. Been a while she had one.

Tasty chicken karaage
We love their spicy chicken karaage because the sauce/spices is a little bit different than other restaurants. Again, we found something new out of the spicy chicken karaage: slices of red onion.

Almost forgot, they put glutton balls to our miso instead of the typical tofu.

We thought their approach is a little bit creative, even though they only added one or two items to the dishes, than the other similar style Japanese restaurants. 

The prices are quite reasonable, ended up paying $19-ish (including tax and tips). 

Once we had our stomach filled, wife wanted to explore the next doorsmall Japanese supermarket, Suzuya.

They don't sell too many Japanese staple items but I suppose it's better than nothing right? (^_^).

Wife likes Myojo Chukazamai (the green package)
Other stuffs
Tons of Goodies
Wife grabbed a few things (I forgot already) and I bought a huge cream bread (it's delicious by the way).

In the afternoon, wife cut my hair as it has been 3 weeks since the last time I had one.  

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