Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Patisserie Lebeau

Patisserie Lebeau is a hidden gem tucked somewhere in between expensive car dealerships such as Lamborghini Vancouver, Lotus, and Weissach near Burrard bridge.

I suppose there's a correlation between exotic car lovers and Belgian waffles, the european flavour?

Maybe people would purchase one of those exotic cars after consuming the fantastic waffles?

Sneaking up to take the picture
The owner wasn't in charge of the cashier that day, not used to see him in the kitchen. But I guess it's a good thing, he's probably testing out new ideas.

Wife and I have been there for a few times in the last 2-3 years to get those yummy Belgian filled waffles.

Ham and Cheese Brussel waffles
My favourite is the filled Ham and Cheese waffle. Unfortunately they ran out of them by the time we arrived. We normally drive there as early as 10 AM but due to grocery and everything else, we arrived after lunch. Because of that, I had to go with the second option: Brussel waffle version of Ham and Cheese.

Those hams are tasty!
Wife opted the Rice Cream filled waffle.

So... square-y and read to be eaten!
Rice Cream filled waffle was the first waffle I had from Patisserie Lebeau. Lately, I prefer the savory options.

Notice the difference between Brussel and filled waffles? Brussel waffle had the stuff mixed-in while the filled waffles is just that... filled inside.

Waffles aren't the only ones Patisserie Lebeau made. They made excellent pastries and sandwiches as well. Had one of them sandwiches last year and definitely would have them again from time through time. The thing is, we always go here for snack, not for brunch/lunch.

Oh, one more thing: they also sell pre-packaged Liege Waffles in a few grocery stores as well.

The list of stores that have them can be found in this link:

Now let me finish them yummy waffles... om nom nom nom...

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