Monday, January 30, 2012

Strawberry Sunday

Thinking to have Sunday Wife Cooking series or something because we observed that we have more time to do our kitchen activities on Sunday.

Short Rib (Korean BBQ style?)
Wife had planned to have the Short Rib for a while to satisfy her special needs.

Fried Vermicelli (or know as Bee Hoon Goreng)
Second dish is a simple and easy to make one (even I can do it!). I promise you! it's easier than doing Regular Expression.

Three dishes in total
We always prepare at least one veggie dish to go with the rest. But... of course veggie dish usually look less tempting :)

Curry Puffs!
Wife was craving for them puffs that we purchased sometime in the past. They're beefs and chickens. Don't know which one? Don't matter! they all are delicious!

Now it's my turn to do my own signature drink: Strawberry Orange and Banana smoothie.

For whatever reason, it seems that I'm always in charge with the drinks. Perhaps my cooking skill contributes to such decision. 

Ready for absolute demolition
This smoothie doesn't need ice cubes at all. The trick is to freeze the banana (and the Strawberry if you like thicker smoothie). 

Snack :)
As always, Sunday is the mopping/sweeping schedule for me. Therefore I need me some rewards :).

Strawberry Smoothie and Curry Puffs are great companions for Sunday NBA showdown between the Dallas Mavericks vs San Antonio Spurs.

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