Sunday, January 29, 2012

Snacks And More Snacks

This Saturday we dropped our guard and grabbed a few sinful snacks during our grocery since we still have a few fruits leftover from last week.. Let's cut the story short and start drooling.

From the pastry department: mushroom onion cheese bun and egg tarts.

Followed by durian pastry and spicy dried pork floss bun.

Deep-fried yam wrapped durian
Durian inside!
We were a little bit disappointed with the durian dim-sum because the durian wasn't ripe yet (i.e.: not sweet enough, not pungent enough).

Ah... pork floss for breakfast!
Now, let's move onto the Snack department!

We strolled for a while in the Japanese snack aisle before decided to pick a few items.

Kameda Hai Hain Rice Cracker
Fell in love with the packaging more so than what it actually is.

None of us can't read Japanese but it seems that this cracker is intended for babies. Maybe it is a substitute for milk?

Taste was so-so. Like... powder milk.

But a few no-nos: don't let the babies eat the cracker alone and also don't let the baby play with the packaging afterward.

Sanko Seika Kongari "W" Cheese Sembei
Wife had a minor issue with this one but I like it. Very cheesy!

Apparently someone wrote a very extensive review on this one:

Another one from Kameda Seika
Forgot what this one is but probably another type of rice cracker with different taste :)

Begin to wonder that maybe we should start doing this weekly: pick one or two snack we never tried before.

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