Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Fruitful Chinese New Year

Was planning to post this yesterday but "life gets in the way".

We did our regular grocery one day late, on Sunday, one day before Chinese New Year. T & T Supermarket was pretty much a little bit chaotic due to the last minute shopping.

As usual, we went to two supermarkets because our needs are divided (not equally...) between them.

We found that there were plenty fruits on sale so we grabbed a few of them. I've been trying to eat healthy so have switched all the snacks and sodas with fruits. Haven't bought soda forever with the exception of occasional purchase of soda with combos once in a while if we had no choice but fast food.

Little did we know, we had more than enough.

Strawberries, granny smith apples, and navel oranges (sour...) are my favorite.

Wife likes avocado, Pacific Rose apples, and baby mandarins.

Bananas, shinko pears, and watermelon are our "common denominator".

I've been mixing granny smith and honey crisp apples too lately but alas honey crisp is seasonal so I took gala apples this time.

This time around, wife decided to get the dragon fruit seeing that it is the (water) Dragon year.

We ate the shinko pear and could taste a bit of alcohol and very sweet.

Wife asked how we can finish them all. I have no idea but I'm quite sure we can finish them all even if it takes 1.5 weeks :). (The watermelon is "Nada" by the way).

Even though we tried to eat healthy, sometime the last mile of T & T Supermarket is populated with lots of goodies from cakes to dim sum to sushi.

And let's just put it this way: they know the path we took and show us the world of lust to no end until the cashier.

Target: 2 dim sums, 3 breads (milk custard bun, pineapple bun, etc), 1 chinese doughnut (read below why...)

Decided to test this new dim sum, don't know what it is called.

Basically it is sweet potato noodle (we think it is cause the texture feels like the noodle used for Jap Jae) wrapped in seaweed and deep-fried. It tastes a bit spicy too! We definitely love this one and would buy more in the future.

Many of us should be preparing for the Chinese New Year celebration at night but we didn't do much since it's just wife and I. Parents called to share their plan (made us jealous!).

Having said that, wife cooked wonderful dishes as always :).

Our sunday brunch favourite: congee with chinese doughnut and various condiments.

We decided to take a break from house clean-up in the afternoon to enjoy those sweet watery watermelon while watching Real Madrid demolishing its neighbour, Atletico Madrid.

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