Sunday, January 15, 2012

Saturday Tummy and Mind Fulfillment

Went out and about with wife over the weekend to fulfil our stomach demand. The journey began with a trip to both Superstore and T&T Supermarket for the scheduled weekend grocery. We bought two more young coconuts because we like them coconuts and decided to give another shot to crack them open with the methods we learned since the last episode. This time it was a great success. Got both coconuts opened within minutes.

Chinese New Year is coming thus T&T Supermarket was getting ready.

CNY Ornaments at T&T Supermarket
Picture isn't that great thanks to my old Nokia phone.

Once grocery trip is wrapped, time to get our lunch. We decided to get a quick lunch at La Taqueria at their original place somewhere in downtown Vancouver near the Harbour Center/Vancouver Lookout.

Harbour Center/Vancouver Lookout
Weather was awesome on Saturday.
Colorful building near La Taqueria
Lunch was really quick. Took us about 20-30 minutes from parking the car up until we were back and ready to hit our next stop: Patisserie Lebeau.

Excellent filled Belgian Waffel
Tacos were small (even though we ordered enough to fill our tummy (^_^) and we knew we need something to keep us going for the rest of the day so what better snacks than those yummy Belgian waffels?

Armed (and dangerous) with waffels, we were ready to go to our alma-mater, UBC for a nice afternoon short walk.

Wife went to the bookstore to read magazines while I had to return a book to the library.
4th Ave to UBC
Been out of UBC for years yet still coming back once in a while to borrow books from them. As an alumni, we have access to a few things such as the free WiFi and excellent and high quality textbooks and classics.
My favorite section: Computer books!
The 'hood: 4th floor of I.K. Barber Library.
UBC has a few libraries spread all over the campuses. My main favorite one is the Irving K. Barber Learning Center.

Irving. K. Barber Learning Center (front). Courtesy of UBC ArtsOne.
I.K. Barber library used to be a very old building before UBC renovated and expanded the library leaving the main entrance intact to maintain its history. These days, the front of I.K. Barber library represents the old building while the inside and the surroundings (those glass windows) are newly built.

I should clarify that I.K. Barber has two entrances and both can be considered main entrances. The new main entrance is on the other side of the old main entrance.

Saturday gone by so fast and suddenly it's 4 PM. Time to go home and get ready for dinner.

Almost forgot to mention, it was snowing on Friday night. Too bad it was a bit warm on Saturday morning thus some of the snow had already melted.

Our neighbour cat likes to walk around our place, leaving its footprints around.

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