Saturday, December 31, 2011

December Shopping Spree: Special Snacks

This is the last post of the "December Shopping Spree" series. This time it's all about snacks.

My wife and I came from a far away country (an archipelago comprising of thousand islands to be more descriptive) somewhere in South East Asia. As such, we occasionally miss snacks and foods made from there.

Luckily, we found a way to get those items not too far from our place.

Tehbotol Sosro!
24 Items per Pack
This is the famous Teh botol Sosro. It's actually a rather quite sweet jasmine tea (this particular one that we got). There are 24 items within the above picture; good enough for a while... or so we thought. We shall see how fast we can finish this pack.

Additional snacks ranging from biscuits (Regal), butter (special one!), chocolate for breads (Ritz), Tempeh, and crackers.

We also bought one of our favourite brand of the Korean instant noodle: Shim Ramyun. But this time, we opted to try a new addition to their Ramyun brand line: Shim Ramyun Black. Nongshim advertised it as a No-MSG instant noodle for the healthy foodies.

Shim Ramyun Black with more small package of spices
Obligatory Steel Chopstick just like in the Korean Restaurants
Taste was okay. Definitely missing the kicking ingredients: MSG!.

Here's a review from the Ramen Rater:

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