Thursday, December 1, 2011

December Shopping Spree

Good morning December! We've been waiting for you for 11 months.

December is the month of the year where wife and I usually do our annual shopping spree because we normally don't shop during the other eleven months as we save all the money until the end of the year.

We do this for a number of reasons: to get better deals, to avoid impulse buying, and to give us a long enough time to ask the question: do we really need it?

We have a few ideas on what we're going to buy but of course those Boxing Days (or Weekend) deals will be a surprised for us and will create a bigger hole on our wallet.

Wife has been wanting to buy a few clothes and jackets/sweaters to accommodate her upcoming situation. She also has been browsing a few items for the little one but we're not sure if we should purchase them well ahead of the time.

For myself, I've been eyeing for a number of technical books both due to necessity and because of a few good deals.

I'll post what we bought throughout December in the upcoming post under "December Shopping Spree" series.

UPDATE! Links to all December Shopping Spree series:

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