Sunday, January 1, 2012

First Day of 2012: Clean up the House

Hello 2012! How time flies...

The first day of 2012 means it's time to clean up the house. As usual, we have about a week plus a few days of vacation between the last week of December and the first few days of January. When it's near the end of the vacation, it is time for wife and I to get busy preparing ourselves for the first working day. 

Wife is the master chef of the house so it is wise to let her run the kitchen (^_^).
Wife is Preparing Wontons
Ready to Steam!
That leaves the brooming and mopping the house to... me. Luckily my mother bought us a wonderful and efficient mop.

Put Mop into the water to get rid of unwanted debris
Move the mop to the left side to squeeze the water out
Don't forget to add Swiffer WETJET to the water use for mopping!
... and I'm ready to mop the whole house. 

HQ is ready to be cleaned up
Once all the busy hectic chores are done, it's time to reward ourselves with a nice juicy beefy dinner...
Medium Well please!
It's January 1, 2012 and this is how we roll (^_^). We ran out of gas before the dinner and had our stomach so full afterwards that it was too hard to move. 

2012 will be a wonderful year for us. That, we know.

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