Thursday, December 8, 2011

December Shopping Spree: JavaScript Books

This is the first instalment of the December Shopping Spree series.

My first purchase was actually done at the end of November. O'reilly Media had a sweet promo on JavaScript books that I knew I cannot miss. The deal was 40% off of a large selection of what I would regard as "modern style" JavaScript books published by O'reilly and a few others (No Starch).

The first three books: Eloquent JavaScript, JavaScript Patterns, and JavaScript Web Applications were purchased by my employer on behalf of me so they will reside at the office's library. My only purchase was JavaScript: The Good Parts. Quite a good set-up: I keep JavaScript: The Good Parts at home and read the rest from the office.

After discussing with my colleague, we decided to purchase Eloquent JavaScript as the introduction to modern JavaScript programming followed by JavaScript Patterns to explain the common JavaScript programming techniques. Last but not least, JavaScript Web Applications introduces a few popular and useful libraries (such as Spine, Backbone, etc.) to support medium-to-large size modular JavaScript client-side application (although I have a feeling  that some of the libraries and concepts can be extended/applied to server-side Node.js as well).

Due to the advancement and the ubiquity of JavaScript going forward, I thought it would be important to get well-versed on this little language. 

2012 will be an exciting year to learn JavaScript.

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