Monday, July 16, 2012

Summer Freedom Week Day 1

This week will be my last week before I go back to the grind, so we decided to have fun whenever we can. Here are our destinations on the first day of our "Summer Freedom Week!"

1. Granville Island
Granville Island entrance
We  have not been to Granville Island for a while. Our main target here was to have our lunch at "Go Fish".

Unfortunately it wasn't meant to be since they have to go fishing on Monday. So instead of feeling sad and depressed, we took a few pictures since the weather was awesome.
Burrard Bridge at far
Granville Bridge across the other
Must be nice to have a waterfront view apartments, wondering how much a unit may cost your wallet.
Waterfront Apartments
Since we were hungry, we decided to leave Granville Island. Instead of going straight to the parking lot, we went through a few stores for a quick window shopping.
Kids Market
Freaky Eyes on top of Kids Market
Car stickers
We may have buy these stickers soon.

Sometimes Vancouverites amazed us, there are plenty of them enjoying their Monday as if money grows on their backyard. We can only guess what they do for a living.
Woofles & Meowz
Woofles & Meowz? The Z comes from the 90's? Kidding aside, too bad we don't have pets.
Weird Sign
Came across one shop that we have no idea what it sells because we couldn't find the entrance door nor we can see the inside. Who knows eh..?
Yes, I'm the Boss
Boss sleeps throughout the day, leaving us to enjoy to the fullest!

2. SalaThai

We went to SalaThai for our lunch because of the proximity and also ever since one of our favorite Thai restaurants near our home has closed due to a new apartment complex is about to be built there, we haven't had Thai.
A Bowl of Soup (No Name)
Wife ordered Beef Phanaeng Curry that comes with this unknown bowl of soup (a bit sour and slightly spicy).
Beef Phanaeng Curry
While I opted for my usual: Lard Na
Lard Na
The Lard Na was a bit unusual because typically Lard Na isn't that soupy. But it tastes good, so who am I to judge?
The calamari was a late order because my stomach was not quite there yet and the Boss demanded his lunch as well: MILK PLEASE! Lucky we're prepared.

Overall the lunch was quite nice and the price was reasonable.
Roaming Dragon Food Truck
Came across one of those "hip" food truck. The last time I tried a food from a truck, it was okay but overpriced. Some of my friends have had similar experience. Speaking of food truck, have you ever watched the Eat St. TV show airing at the Food Network?

3. Vancouver Public Library
Vancouver Public Library
VPL was our last destination before heading for home. We had a few books of our interest that we wanted to borrow.

That's it for our Summer Freedom Week day one adventure. Day two is coming up tomorrow!

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