Friday, June 22, 2012

Coming Back From Hiatus

What's Happening
He has captivated us since day one
Ever since we had our first child, our lifestyle has changed drastically. Having said that, we're having TONS of fun spending our time with the little one. This blog may have to change its theme from food and travelling to baby and/or technology related as the latter topics are more relevant to our everyday life from now on. Unless if we travelled with the baby right? (^_^)

Where The Hell Is Matt 2012
Matt Harding from Where The Hell Is Matt posted his latest dancing video yesterday.
WARNING: Viewing his videos may trigger your emotion. 

As usual, it's him dancing. But this time he invited/included more people and choreographed (albeit not professionally) the moves. One of the scenes, which showed him dancing in Bali, reminded me of my time there. Bali is a wonderful place to be and I hope one day we will have another chance to visit Bali again.

Judging from the last scene, I have a feeling that this may be Matt Harding last video.

Indie Game: The Movie
Last week I bought my first indie movie, Indie Game: The Movie.

The movie is about the people behind a few popular indie games(Super Meat Boy, Braid, Fezand their thought-process building the game. I really enjoy the movie because growing up, I've always wanted to make my own game. That interest drives me to major in Computer Science. Sadly, I have not made one game up until today despite taking a Computer Graphics course at university (^_^). Perhaps it is something to revisit later on in my life. 

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