Monday, March 5, 2012

Restaurant: Daimasu at Metrotown

We went to Daimasu Burnaby on Saturday because I've been craving for a Japanese food (and surprisingly was not in the mood for any other ethnic foods that day).

Ordered Katsu Don because I miss this dish a lot. I believe this is the first time I had a Katsu Don garnished with Glass Noodle. Typically the condiments are just the Eggs and Sliced Onions.

Wife ordered bento box (or known as combo box). It comes with a bowl of Chicken Teriyaki (which unfortunately has too much sauce, as you can see from the picture), a bowl of Udon, and Tempura (2 prawns and 2 veggies).

I helped wife to finish her dishes and take most of mine to go for dinner later on (probably a little bit more than half of the Katsu Don bowl).

Total cost comes to about $21.57 (including tips and tax) and could probably be cheaper by 2-5 Dollars had we ordered the typical Rolls instead of having to deal with excess Katsu Don.

Daimasu is apparently a part of restaurant chains owned by the Kamei Group, the people behind Kamei Royale in Downtown Vancouver. They have quite a few Japanese restaurants spread all over Greater Vancouver.

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