Monday, January 16, 2012

White Sunday and Dim Sum

We woke up on Sunday and immediately noticed the white powder outside our house. Not good. It was snow on Sunday morning. Not good because Sunday is the day of the week where we give thanks to the Man above and His house is located at the bottom of the hill.

This time we decided to take the risk and drove there anyway. Let's just say that the Man up there made sure we arrived intact with no scratches or anything at all despite the slippery road condition.

Afterwards, we head to consume Dim Sum at Po King Seafood Restaurant. Wife was craving for some Har Gau.

Window blinds to protect the innocent from the bright winter sun
One portion costs about $3.10, up from $2.80 previously (around October 2011 last year I think).

Monster Dim Sum (scallop)
Once our stomachs were full, time to hit Walmart. Wife spotted a few good deals from the flyers yesterday.

On our way to Walmart, we saw the mountain covered in snow. Time for a ski at Whistler?
Whistler is calling, what say you?

We didn't plan for a trip to Canadian Tire that day but was in our future-to-do-list. Since we stumbled upon one nearby (just a few blocks away from Walmart), might as well go there.

We were looking for a small desktop table to put our old TV inside our bedroom. Currently the old TV uses a slightly broken desktop table with no space to put the PS3 or Wii if we decided to move those toys upstairs for convenient.

Plan is to put Wii/PS3 on the bottom of it
Found one we like due to its dimension, shape, and usefulness. Price $59.99, not too bad but we weren't under pressure so we decided to wait for a few more weeks just in case Canadian Tire put the item on sale.

We then headed home... carefully, since apparently the snow from last night had turned solid a bit.

We never own a winter tire before and probably won't get them any time soon due to limited and short-term snow weather in west coast.

The snow was a bit more than the previous night. Managed to take a few pictures of our backyard.

Wife grew onion leaves once in a while in the backyard, snow usually kills them all.

Poor onion leaves
As usual, wife prepared food for Sunday and Monday. This time the menu are Seafood Kwetiau Siram with a few slice of beefs (a.k.a Rice Noodle with Gravy):

... and Chicken Steamed Rice (hometown style, not Hainamese style):

While wife was cooking, I swept and mopped the floor, as always. Last but not least, clean the HQ up.

Been thinking to remove The Simpsons poster underneath the glass top of the desk. Maybe one... fine... day.

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